Pilates builds our awareness and strength

If you are looking for a movement practice that can last a lifetime, Pilates is a fantastic option.

Sessions & Classes

Offering Private, Semi-private, and Group classes using the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Mat and accessory equipment.

The Pilates Reformer, Tower, Mat and other accessory equipment are used to enhance your workout.

Quality Equipment
In a beautiful state-of-the-art setting

The dedicated Pilates studio is located within the Dublin Recreation Center.

Easy-to-Schedule classes
Put your mind at ease & enjoy the convenience
  1. Private Sessions
  2. Semi-Privates
  3. Group classes (6 max.)


Exceptional Instruction
Intelligent fitness that feels good

Feel good and move well. That's is what my classes are all about. Let me help YOU stretch, strengthen, and feel good in YOUR own skin.